In Pie Iron Recipes What could be better than sloppy joes? The answer is pie iron sloppy joes. They are a hearty meal perfect for camping because they are easy and inexpensive to put together. And most of the ingredients can be prepped before your trip so it’s assembly only at the campsite. And when […]

in Pie Iron Recipes If you’re an egg lover and want a quick and easy eggy pie – the pie iron omelette is for you. Easily customizable with whatever extras you or your family enjoy, these pies come together in a snap at the campsite. Plus, they cook really quickly so you can make a […]

In Foil Packet Recipes Roasting butternut squash right in the coals not only makes for a tasty meal, it’ll get everybody talking about how awesome of a campfire chef you are. Sometimes we all need a little validation. The ease of this recipe is also a benefit. Prep Time:  1 Minute Cook Time:  1 Hour Serves: […]

In Foil Packet Recipes Looking for a side dish with big flavor? This recipe for roasted cauliflower with garlic and parmesan will fit the bill. Try serving it up with a nice juicy ribeye cooked over a fire. Prep Time:  10 Minutes Cook Time:  50 Minutes Serves:  4 people, as a side Ingredients: 1 head of […]

One of the most contentious things discussed by cast iron enthusiasts is what is the most effective method for seasoning their cast iron pans or dutch ovens (along with whether or not to use soap when cleaning it, but that’s a conversation for another day). Through trial and error, and quite a bit of research, […]

Fall officially starts today (9-22-2017) in the Northern Hemisphere! When planning what you’re going to cook, an important thing to pay attention to is what fruits and vegetables are in season. Buying produce that’s in season will not only put fresh fruits and vegetables on your plate that are at the peak of their flavor, […]

In Foil Packet Recipes Foil packet potatoes are probably the best place to start if you haven’t cooked with foil in a campfire in the past. This basic recipe for foil packet potatoes is a great recipe to get started with and also easy to make in a pinch and toss in your ice-chest before leaving […]

In Grill Grate and Camp Stove Recipes Having a good pan fried catfish recipe in your war chest and a little preparation before your next fishing trip will make cooking your catch right on the river bank quick and easy. This recipe can almost be done without putting your beer down. Prep Time:  10 Minutes Cook […]

In Cast Iron Dutch Oven Recipes If a crepe and a pancake were all mixed up – you’d have a dutch baby. It’s sort of like an eggy, fluffy pancake. And with this dutch baby recipe is cooked in a cast iron dutch oven, it tastes even better. Top it with a little Nutella®, berries, […]

In Grill Grate and Camp Stove Recipes Migas is a name given to a number of different traditionally Spanish or Portuguese dishes that make use of leftover bread or tortillas (the word migas means “crumbs” in Spanish). The dish originated either in Spain and Portugal (nobody really knows), and made its way to Mexico and now the […]

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