I love camping and I love to eat. They’re pretty much my two favorite things in the world.

The problem we’ve seen with a majority of websites that center around campfire fare is that they are centered around overly simplified hyper processed foods. Mixing weiners and canned beans doesn’t sound like a great idea before taking off on a long hike.

I’m also not really a kale and quinoa kind of guy. I figure if I’m out hiking all weekend, a few calories aren’t going to kill me. Good food is the difference between an okay camping trip and an amazing camping trip.

What we’ve tried to do with this website is give you great recipes, then break them down into easily managed sections, so that you can handle them without a full kitchen.

Camping is for relaxing, not working.

How Each Recipe is Organized

Each recipe is broken down into the following sections:

  1. Introduction to the recipe.
  2. Cook time and servings.
  3. Ingredients.
  4. Equipment needed at the campsite. This typically does not include your heat source (firewood, camp stove, etc.) or plates, forks, knives, etc. It is only the special equipment required to make that specific recipe. This is included to help you when packing for your trip. Just don’t forget about the other items that you’ll need.
  5. Before you leave home. This section is very helpful in reducing your workload at the campsite. Anything you can do at home before you leave will give you more time to relax and enjoy yourself on your trip.
  6. Cooking at the campsite. This section takes you through a detailed explanation of the recipe, from beginning to end.
  7. Printable summary of the recipe. This section (see image below) gives you a summary of the ingredients and steps to complete your recipe. There is a print function included, because more than likely you aren’t going to have an internet connection when cooking.

To easily print out a recipe, just scroll down to the bottom of the recipe page and click the little print icon inside the recipe box. It’ll automatically format it for easy printing.

How to print a recipe

Happy camping!

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