I love camping and I love to eat. They’re pretty much my two favorite things in the world.

Good food is the difference between an okay camping trip and an amazing camping trip.

Whenever my wife and I go camping, I usually spend most of my time around the campfire cooking and entertaining. Its what makes me happy.

After years of entertaining our campfire guests, I decided to start sharing my recipes with everybody else.

Why not? My recipes aren’t family secrets. They’re just combinations of ingredients that taste good to me.

Hope you enjoy what I’m putting together. If you cook one of my recipes, please let me know how it went in the comments section.

If you find a recipe that you want to try on one of your camping trips, its always easier to print it out and take a hardcopy with you. You may not want to have to take your gadgets along.

To easily print out a recipe, just scroll down to the bottom of the recipe page and click the little print icon inside the recipe box. It’ll automatically format it for easy printing.

How to print a recipe

Happy camping!

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